Park Owners

Like you, we are owners and operators of mobile home parks.  We purchased our first park in 2004 and really enjoy the business.  Over the next few years we plan to sell some of our current properties and use the proceeds to complete 1031 exchanges into new parks.  If you are an owner in N. California and interested in selling, perhaps we can help!

  • Buying Criteria, here’s a post that outlines exactly what we are looking to purchase.  We buy parks that a bit under managed, provide affordable housing, 2+ stars and most of them have at least one private utility.
  • Thinking About Selling, here’s a summary of why you might sell to us vs. going down the more traditional path of signing a listing agreement with a broker.
  • Procrastinating Seller, is that you?  Many owners want and should sell but don’t for several of the reasons on this list.  Give us a call, we might be just the buyer for you!

If you’d like more information, have questions or want to talk about your park, call me at (925) 640-7121.  To learn a little more about us read our about page, my bio and check out  Please call before signing a listing agreement with a broker!

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