Considering Seller Financing?

Are you considering seller financing?  Perhaps you want to minimize the taxes from a lump sum payoff when you sell?  Or, how would you like to earn interest on a loan that is secured by a property  you know well?  Here’s why we are a great candidate for seller financing!

  • We have 800+ credit scores and a low debt to equity ratio
  • We are experienced owners and operators and know how to manage parks with private utilities, RVs, disgruntled tenants, regulatory issues, etc…
  • We are very flexible and will accept loans with short terms (to increase your monthly cash flow,) balloon payments, above average interest rates, high payoff penalties, etc…
  • We have excellent credit references from other sellers who’ve provided financing.
  • We will meet or exceed your insurance requirements to mitigate risks and ensure we can continue to make the payments in the event of a loss.
  • We will provide whatever annual financial reports you require to confirm and verify we are operating the property in sound and successful manner.

The key to success with seller financing is to select a buyer who can accommodate your terms and has the experience to perpetuate the successful management of the property over the term of the loan.  If you are considering seller financing, please give us a call before signing a listing agreement with a broker!

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We Are 1031 Exchange Friendly!

Yes, we are highly 1031 exchange friendly!  If you read our about page you know the purpose of this site and content is to support our goal of selling some of our parks and exchanging into new properties over the next few years.  If you plan to sell and complete an exchange you couldn’t pick a better buyer than us!  Let me explain why!

  • As a seller, if you need more time to find a replacement property, not a problem.  We can slide our close dates forward and backward to accommodate you.
  • We are most likely funding our down-leg with a sale and we have a well qualified list of buyers for our properties, most of whom are using unencumbered funds.
  • We always have a “plan B” alternative for the down payment and if we don’t, we will let you know.
  • We are experienced buyers and understand the 1031 exchange process inside and out including traditional and reverse exchanges, rules and timing requirements.
  • We have a good set of resources who provide us expert advice including our tax and legal adviser and intermediary who have completed 1000’s of successful exchanges.

Coordinating multiple exchanges is challenging but manageable.  The key is to choose an experienced buyer, someone who understands the process, has done the advance work and has a well defined contingency plan.  If you plan to exchange into a new property and need a buyer who can be flexible on the schedule, please contact us before signing a listing agreement with a broker!

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When You Buy From Us, What’s The Process?

Good question, what are the steps and timing when you buy MHP from us?  Here’s an outline of what you can expect:

  • Start with a phone call, I tell you about the park and why we are selling and answer any questions you have about us.
  • I’d like to know a little about your goals, real estate experience and how you plan to fund the purchase.
  • I’ll send you any information you’d like about the park including a P&L and rent-roll and suggest you complete a drive through of the property within a couple of days.
  • You write an offer and we meet to review, discuss and hopefully, come to an agreement!
  • You pay the deposit and we open escrow.
  • You start the due diligence process and I’ll provide any and all information you need to evaluate the park.
  • You’ll engage lender(s) and work to secure financing.
  • Close will be scheduled for a date that meets the seller and buyer’s mutual needs.

Total time from signing to close could be as short as 45 days.  If buyer and seller have agreed to delay or time the close to coincide with other events, the target close date could be several months out.

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Do We Provide Consulting Services?

We will provide consulting services if your needs are related to buying or selling a MHP.  If you are a buyer or seller, here’s how we might be able to help.

  • Draft, review or negotiate a purchase agreement
  • Define, review or conduct a due diligence effort to evaluate a MHP from a financial, physical or environmental perspective
  • Hire and assist the appropriate professionals with on site inspections including the evaluation of private utilities
  • Meet, interview and evaluate maintenance & management staff and vendors
  • Meet with a homeowner or homeowner’s group
  • Prepare underwriting for the sale of a MHP
  • Help define a sales plan including selection of a broker, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, etc…
  • Contact and meet with potential lenders to secure financing for the park

My hourly rate is $100 + expenses or fixed fee for completing a specific task and deliverable.  If you need consulting or property management services related to operational issues, I can provide you a list of people for consideration.

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Park Rules and Regulations!

The current Rules and Regulation of the community apply to and will be enforced equally with all homeowners, tenants and guests.  We typically distribute a copy of the rules to each homeowner at the beginning of the year and encourage you to read them “cover to cover.”  If you have questions and/or would like a copy of the current rules, please call or email the on-site manager (contact information.)

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$ Referral Program!

How would you like to earn $100, $300 or $500?  Yes, we pay referral fees to current homeowners who refer someone to us who makes a decision to live in one of our communities.  Here’s what we will pay you if any one of the following occurs:

  • Moves an RV into one of our RV spaces and signs a 2 months lease ($100)
  • Buys a park owned home and signs a 12 months lease ($300)
  • Moves a mobile home into the park and signs a 12 months lease ($500)

To qualify, you just need to provide the name and contact information to the on-site manager before the prospective homeowner makes contact with us.  We’ll send you a check for the referral fee within 10 (2 month lease) or 45 (12 month lease) days of occupancy.  Trust me, we love to pay referral fees!    If you have questions, talk with the manager for the details!

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On-Site Manager Contact Information

Please find below the current contact information for the on-site managers in each of our communities:

Mason Thompson
Dunrovin Village
395 Stanley Road #3
West Point, CA  95255
Tel: (209) 293-7252
Email: Mason Thompson
Ty & Lisa Ferrell
Perks Estates
4265 Lakeshore Blvd #26
Lakeport, CA  95453
Tel: (707) 245-4482
Email: Ty & Lisa Ferrell
Caryn Brown
Black Butte MHP
6386 County Road 200 #31
Orland CA 95963
Tel: (530) 865-4317
Email: Caryn Brown
Roy Wales
Lockeford MHP
19142 N. Jack Tone Road #24
Lockeford, CA  95237
Tel: (209) 727-5862
Email: Roy Wales
Pam Cappello
Bend MH & RV Park
21795 Bend Ferry Road
Red Bluff, CA  96080
Tel: (530) 527-6289
Email: Pam Cappello
Scott Tobler
Sidney Mobile Plaza
Tel: (308) 254-2877
Email: Scott Tobler

If the manager is not able to assist you for any reason, please contact the off-site manager, John Vashon, (925) 640-7121 or John Vashon.



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