Hard To Sell MHP?

Do you own one of those hard to sell MHPs?  Parks with deferred maintenance, private utilities, active tenant’s rights groups, violations from regulatory agencies or parks that lenders just don’t want to finance.  The key to selling these properties is simple: sell to an experienced buyer, like me!

  • The first park we purchased was complete with dead cars, tenants who had not paid rent in months, 2 pages of water system violations and half a dozen nasty parked owned homes, 6 months into 30 year mortgages!
  • Private utilities don’t scare us a bit.  We know how to evaluate, manage and mitigate the risk of providing these services to our tenants.
  • GSMOL, homeowner associations, tenants rights attorneys, county supervisors, I’ve engaged ’em all and survived!
  • We have experience with regulators and the legal system: 10+ HCD park inspections, $350 per day for unresolved water system violations, we’ve been sued for a tree limb that fell and landed near a tenant, we’ve had multiple small claims court cases and calls from the EPA about septic system effluent running into a stream!
  • We have a deep pool of lending sources and know how to get parks with some, most or all of these problems financed.  Success requires patience, a lot of meetings and the creatively addressing each of the issues to the lender’s satisfaction.

Nothing can be more frustrating than engaging an inexperienced buyer who  bails on the deal deep into the due diligence period.  If you have a hard to sell park and want to get it sold, call us before you sign a listing agreement with a broker!

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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