$ Referral Program!

How would you like to earn $100, $300 or $500?  Yes, we pay referral fees to current homeowners who refer someone to us who makes a decision to live in one of our communities.  Here’s what we will pay you if any one of the following occurs:

  • Moves an RV into one of our RV spaces and signs a 2 months lease ($100)
  • Buys a park owned home and signs a 12 months lease ($300)
  • Moves a mobile home into the park and signs a 12 months lease ($500)

To qualify, you just need to provide the name and contact information to the on-site manager before the prospective homeowner makes contact with us.  We’ll send you a check for the referral fee within 10 (2 month lease) or 45 (12 month lease) days of occupancy.  Trust me, we love to pay referral fees!    If you have questions, talk with the manager for the details!

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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