Procrastinating Seller?

Many park owners are reluctant to sell and for good reason.  The process can be a lot of work, disruptive, expensive and ultimately, unsuccessful.  Good brokers can help but selecting an experienced and flexible buyer is the key to a successful, low stress, “win-win” transaction.  If you’ve been putting off selling for any of the reasons listed below, let’s talk!

  • You don’t to spend $50K, $100K or more in brokerage commission!
  • Having a buyer cancel a contract after a long due diligence period.
  • Disruptions at the park when a buyer talks with the manager, tenants or vendors.
  • Spending hours and hours providing an endless number of documents to buyer(s) who cancel late in the due diligence process
  • Replacement properties are impossible to find (especially in 45 days!)
  • You want to finance the sale at fair interest rate with a 10 – 15 year term (to maximize cash flow) or a balloon payment
  • A concern no bank or lender will finance your MHP
  • No time, money or interest in making the necessary repairs to ready the MHP for sale
  • Private utilities and there are issues with the County, EPA, State of California, etc…
  • There’s a history of violations and perhaps some current unresolved issues with the state or county regulators
  • Problems with tenants or tenant’s rights organizations (GSMOL) will be discovered in the due diligence process and scare off the buyer

We’ve experienced every one of these problems or situations in our parks at one time or another.   If you want to sell, call us, we will work through these issues and find a solution that is fair and equitable for both buyer and seller.

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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