We Love Private Utilities!

“We Love Private Utilities” is a complete overstatement but it got your attention!  I don’t know any park owner who likes master meters, septic systems or wells.  Certainly banks don’t and some absolutely won’t lend on a park with private utilities.  If you want to sell a park with private utilities we might be the perfect buyer!

  • Private utilities don’t scare us.  We currently own 4 properties with wells and 2 have septic systems.  We have 2 parks with master metered natural gas and electricity and and 2 more with outsourced propane systems.
  • We are very familiar with the process around managing and maintaining water systems including well pumps, tanks, pressure pumps, distribution systems, water meters and billing.  We understand test plans and EPA standards, chlorinators, TMFs, how to handle a positive coliform tests, how to hire an operator and work with regulators.
  • We have similar experience with gas and electric including panels, tanks, distribution system, meters and billing.  We recently negotiated a rate change in a park with PG&E, quite a process.  On the gas side, we’ve managed and negotiated contracts with 3rd propane providers and managed our own propane system including all maintenance and billing.
  • Septic, we know what it takes to maintain tanks, pumps and leach fields.  3 years ago we learned the whole process when adding tanks and new leach fields from perk tests to engineering, county approvals, negotiating with vendors and managing the construction.

Net/net, we know what we are doing.  We know who to call to evaluate, repair, upgrade and maintain private utilities and how to manage all of this with the tenants and regulators.   If you want to save some time, money and frustration when selling a park with private utilities, call us before you sign a listing agreement with a broker!

About John Vashon

I own a family business that invests in and manages our own portfolio of mobile home parks.
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